Did you know that music is the most comprehensive part of an early childhood education and the one that is most often overlooked?  It teaches focus, mind/body connection (fine motor skills), and a healthy outlet for emotional expression. 

My name is Richard Evans and I have 15+ years of experience teaching students of all ages  and levels.  My advanced training was through the lineage of the great pedagogues Leonard Rose, Pablo Casals, Gregor Piatagorsky, and I teach through the Suzuki method, an approach that creates an environment where “every child can” and emphasizes the fact that all students have the ability to develop talent.  The inspiration I found in the greater Suzuki community is what has lead me to pursue music performance and to devote my life to music education.

Teaching and performing are equally important to me.  Teaching ensures the future of music in building a better understanding (and excitement!) of music making.  In the end, though, performance is what music is all about.  Live professional performances expose students to a wider range of music and skills than they would otherwise experience, inspire them in their own musical pursuits, and reinforce a definite standard to strive towards.